Sex and your parents

I remember many years ago my friend telling me that she asked her Mum if she had ever given her Dad a blow job. Her Mum did not know what a blow job was so my friend had to describe the act to her very horrified mother – the answer was NO, her Mum had never given her dad a blowjob.

I have just been listening to The Interview on the BBC world service which today featured a former trader in the city of London who has recently published an expose on life in the city including experiences of drugs, strip joints, etc. He said he had asked his parents not to read the book and told them it was too “racy” for them. That got me thinking about how as adults we discuss sex with our parents.

When I started this blog, I told my Mum I was blogging about sex…she smiled shyly and asked no questions. I was satisfied, at least she knows, so if someone says “Ei, do you know what your daughter is doing” she can say “Yes”. The other day I said to her “the blog is quite saucy” to which she replied “so where can I access it” and I said “I’ll show you” but I haven’t…

As for my Dad, I haven’t even mentioned my blog to him. He will probably ask me to log on to the site straightaway so he can read the blog…

I am curious about others. Do you discuss sex with your parents? Would you want to? Do you want to know if your parents have sex? Is it none of your business?

Nana Darkoa

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  • Hi Nana.

    I’m able to speak with my parents about sex – my mom bought me condoms when I had my first serious boyfriend! We don’t talk about the act itself, but when I’ve had pregnancy scares (condom getting lost inside etc.) I’ve been able to speak with her and my dad as well. They know I’m sexually active, but I can’t (or don’t have the guts to) ask them about their sex life and don’t think I would want to.

    African parents are African parents 🙂

    But I know they get busy…

  • The closest I got to talking about sex with my mom was when I told her to be careful not to get pregnant with her boyfriend.
    The closest with my dad was before he sent me off to boarding school when he told me to be careful with girls since I could get someone pregnant.
    Quite sad…

  • Could/would never (want to) speak to my parents about sex. Don’t wanna know anything about that part of their lives too. It’s painful enough to know that I’m a product of such an “unthinkable” act between my parents. 🙂

  • Talk about sex with my parents? Wait, my parents have sex? They told me the stork dropped me off at the door (it never occurred to me that we don’t have storks in Ghana…or do we?). As you can tell, any sex-related conversations with my parents have left me a highly confused young woman.

  • I would be curious to know the sex life of my parents [which I think was boring (My dad is late)], but as soon as I begin to explore that line of thought, I get struck by some disgusting feeling so much that I must end my comment here!

  • Hey Bijou, it sounds more than the “just don’t do it” talk which is great. Condoms getting lost? Oh dear, I can’t imagine ever having that conversation with my parents 🙂

    Awansona – I like your reverse sex education for the parent! Lol, what was your mum’s reaction to your advice?

    Nana Yaw – Don’t worry – the Ghanaian stork dropped you off. True, it can happen, ask Annie

    Annie – lol. I am laughing too hard. Maybe it was a Guinea Fowl instead of a stork. Thanks for sharing

    Pen Powder – Hmm, you may be assuming their sex life was boring…maybe it was explosive! I know what you mean though…thinking about sex and your parents is like eugh but why?

    Nana Darkoa

  • i’ve always wanted to know! i’m too curious about anything not to want to know!

    especially, i’d ask them how many times they ‘screwed’ it and the how (the positions – who looked into the other’s eyes the most?) before i was conceived of the most ‘holy’ act!!!

    i’ve once asked my mum (both actually) about sex but it was through snail mail when i was in secondary school. my mum warned off sex! but i wrote to ask her that as a young kid i was experiencing ‘wet-dreams’ and wanted to know how to deal with it!!!

    she wrote back with a long talk that just avoided the topic.

    but i’ve heard my mum talk ‘dirty’ with her sis before so i would definitely just mark my time to get back at her soonest as i can!

    i’d love the moment! heeehe!

  • Novisi – that is so interesting that you actually wrote to your mum to ask how to deal with wet dreams. Wow!It sounds like you just want to embarass your Mum. Am I correct?



  • I too was warned off sex as a teenager and young adult by my mom – I never had the sex talk with my dad.
    Would I want to know about my parent’s sex life? Yes and no. I knew they were having sex because me and my siblings exist. I also knew about some of the sexual health issues through chats with my mom. But there were no blow-by-blow accounts – that would have been awkward, although my mom had a sense of humour so that would have been fun to hear!

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