Guest Contributor Ejike Anaximandar: Na You Give Oga Daughter Bele?

“You gan, you be suwegbe!” Ibrahim hollered at me as I gazed, mouth agape at him. I was stark naked. We were stark naked. Me, Ibro, Sunday and Olu, all stark naked, and all clutching our phalluses which glistened in the semi-darkness, consequence of the Vaseline which we’ve so generously lavished on them. I was the youngest of the bunch, just fourteen. Ibrahim was the oldest and biggest, he was twenty. Olu was nineteen and Sunday eighteen. Ibrahim had told me he would show me something that would cure my konji after he had severally noticed the petite bulge and the wet maps on my shorts in the mornings. He had called me a Strong MoPol, a Gallant Soldier on account of my raging hard on and explained that unlike most my age, I was ready to kpans a woman. He had asked me if I could find a girl, I had said no, and he had invited me to come to his brother’s room that afternoon before lesson closed, that he would show me a trick.

School didn’t go too well that day because the excitement was almost smothering me. I understood nothing, learnt nothing and wrote nothing. Even my favourite past time; glancing at the mounds on the chest of Linda, the oldest girl in my class who never wore a bra, and comparing them with Miss Nancy’s, the Youth Corp teacher who teaches Inter-Science didn’t thrill me today. Linda’s had potential energy while Miss Nancy’s had already kinetic-ized, who cares? I just couldn’t wait to get home and witness whatever brother Ibro had in store for me. It wasn’t like I was totally bereft of any sexual experience. I was in JSS3 and we had girls as old as fifteen in my class. Linda was probably the most mature of them. Once she had caught me fantasizing about sex. She knew because she somehow saw the swelling in my shorts. Thus she had invited me under the stairs during lesson period where we had cuddled and she had made me feel up her pert grapelike breasts and suck out her nipples which were still sunken. But that episode hadn’t lasted long and we had bolted the moment we sensed someone approaching. Since then, I’ve always had eyes for her petite breasts, the only ones I’ve ever seen bare and compared her with Miss Nancy, my crush. Linda had invited me to join her for a floozy a couple times but I had always declined. I feared what would become of me if caught in that kind of act, and most especially how my father would just kill me if he heard. But that never stopped me from fantasizing about sticking it into Miss Nancy, at least no one would catch me if I was doing it in my head. But Linda’s boobs always came in the way.

The moment school closed and lessons were to begin, I went to my form teacher Mrs Martins and complained that I was having a fever and haven’t written anything all day. She felt my body for temperature, a gesture which sent signals to my already excited groin. She felt my neck, back, arms and even armpits. I shivered from the sensations and she concluded I indeed had a fever and gave me a pass. The moment I stepped out of the school gates, I broke into a run, stopping only when I ran out of breath. I eventually got home and sneaked into Ibro’s single room where he squatted with his elder brother who was away at work. I found Olu and Sunday already there watching mojo.

“Guy, you no go drop your bag for una house?” Olu chided.

“If I dropped it at home don’t you know my aunty will know I didn’t stay for lessons?” I retorted.

“You see? I tell you?” Ibro laughed and clapped cheerfully. “This boy na Gallant MoPol, he even has sense more than you. Mumu.” He said pointing and laughing sarcastically at Olu while Sunday just sat on the mattress, drooling at the mojo, a huge straight Effel Tower standing gallantly on his groin, threatening to tear his boxers.

I joined them in watching the blue film until they brought out the Vaseline and stripped themselves bare. I did likewise and the chokwe started; we lay on the mattress and applied portions of the pomade on our members before rubbing vigorously up and down. Confirm chokwe! I looked at Ibro’s thing and immediately became scared. It was coal-black and long and pipe-like veins formed a crisscross on it. The head was as large as a ping-pong ball as it swelled and un-swelled with each slimy stroke. I was still gaping in awe when he sighed, clenched his left fist and immediately started shooting white milky quirts which flew like a meter or two above the ground before the long arms of the law of gravity caught up with, and sent them crashing back to earth. Some thick drops landed on my lap and I cringed looking at the jelly mass as it quivered. That was when Ibro had turned to me, saw me not wanking and called me a suwegbe. I in turn had shown him the thick drops of his own dahh sliding down my lap and he had thought it was mine.

“I tell una say this boy na strong MoPol!” He had declared and showed the others the mass of his own expulsion which seemed to everyone as mine. “See as the thing thick like kunu? E be like im papa own,” he further announced to sounds of agreement from the other boys.

That night I couldn’t sleep as I developed a prick-ache. My scrotum felt laden with steel and hurt. My member itself stood erect all night like the electric pole outside our compound. I rolled and rolled in bed until dad had to ask if I was alright. Images of naked Ms Nancy and petite-boobed Linda projected themselves in my head, seeming almost as real as if they were physically there. But somehow, whenever I tried to mount Miss Nancy, I couldn’t. But Linda was always game. I finally fell asleep in the wee hours of the morning only to be roused with a stinging slap by mom who pointed at the wetness spreading on my shorts and scolded me for still pissing in my sleep at fourteen. But I discovered it wasn’t piss when I rushed to the bathroom and attempted to take off the shorts.

“Dahh!” I had whispered. Had I not been with Ibro and company the day before I wouldn’t have understood what it was. At that point a plan was forming in my dick. A boldness which even I couldn’t comprehend. I just knew I needed a dig. They call me Strong MoPol, Gallant Soldier. I’ll show them what that means.

So before leaving for school, I asked Ibro if I could use their room.

“What for?” He asked.

“You’ll see when I return,” I told him. He looked at me in disbelief as I walked away.

In school, I had sweated about how to ask Linda to follow me home. I hadn’t considered that it might be this difficult. I glanced severally at her and she caught my eyes most of the time. But it all played out well in my favour because during break she had asked me to meet her under the stairs at lesson period. I had told her how about we headed to my house right now. She was pleasantly shocked and I could see the fabric around her breasts rise slowly.

“How?” she asked.

“Just follow me,” I told her and took her to our form teacher’s where I complained that my fever of yesterday has worsened and my head was swooning. Maybe Linda should take me home since she lives close to me.

My teacher agreed and that was how I took Linda home. By the time we got to Ibro’s room and the boys had excused us, I couldn’t hold myself anymore. I had sucked and pulled at Linda’s boobs as she uuuh-ed and ah-ed. We didn’t even know when we got naked as she lay on her back and stretched her feet wide, exposing her swollen vulva. My head spun and my mind went berserk, thinking many things at once yet not exactly grasping any. Here at last was the great object of all my fantasies and it was pink, it was wet and it seemed to be smiling back at me. I plunged the first time and missed and groped for the hole. She brought her hand down and guided me in while I proceeded to slam my hips against hers like I saw those guys in that mojo do. I was tactless, I was reckless, I was finesse-less, I just slammed and slammed while she moaned and whined until I began to feel a tingle coming from my lower abdomen. The tingle rose to a sweet flow of something rising to my groin. I could feel the cap of my gbola as it pulsated while my anus twitched. I’ve never felt anything like that before as it continued to rise until it became a gush which shot out of my dick-hose. But I kept pounding, not wanting to let go until my glans started feeling funny and I stopped and collapsed on top of her. She pushed me off, put on her school uniform and left for school. But that wasn’t our last.

We continued our little sexcapade, our favourite joints being the school toilet and at night, my dad’s old van which parked outside our compound. I still thought of Miss Nancy but not as much as I did Linda.

One Saturday morning five months after our first episode, I was playing football in the street when some policemen marched towards me and grabbed me by my shirt. They turned and looked ahead towards a man who stood by a car and held Linda by her arms. He gestured to Linda and she nodded. One of the men who held me stooped a bit so he could look me in the face and barked: “Na you give oga daughter bele?”

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  • Uh-hoh,, Ghanaians, these Naija people dey write oooo!

  • WOAH! This is BEAUTIFUL writing. Give me bele ooooo whoever you are! I’m ready….

  • Trouble don gas! Na you give oga daughter bele?
    This just brought back to my mind a question i was pondering a few weeks ago…has anyone on here masturbated in a group before? Do tell about it if you have please

  • @Ejike: Very interesting story! Thank you for sharing.

    Writer to writer, I would say watch your tenses; you have quite a few presents and pasts mixed up in there. Also, you have such a good flow to your narration that you need to be more confident. Do not be over-reliant on flowery language/over-description/adjectives to achieve your point. For example:

    ‘…a huge straight Effel Tower standing gallantly on his groin, threatening to tear his boxers.’

    The imagery of the Eiffel Tower is already so strong that all the other words are overkill.

    Finally, consistency (I we’re ALL guilty of this sometimes!). You mention that:

    ‘Linda was probably the most mature of them. …she had made me feel up her pert grapelike breasts and suck out her nipples which were still sunken.’

    In other paragraphs, you refer to her breasts as ‘Petite’.

    Finally, I will say that if the purpose of this story is to get us all hot and bothered, you have SUCCEEDED. Off to molest my man now. I am sure he will thank you tomorrow.

  • @Nana: Hell no.I have waaaaay too many trust issues to just lay it all out there. From my experience however, this seems to be more common amongst guys? This is not the first such story from a guy I have heard.

    Did you know that they had ‘Masturbatory forums’ for cities though? Like-minded people in a given area decide a hotel, book a room and meet for a wank/rub sesh. There is usually no chatting, just arrive, strip and wank – the thrill is in having complete strangers watch you. Once you decide you’re done, you leave; no obligations, no hassles.
    I have written about this.

    Apparently, most people tend to fit it into their lunch hour on weekdays? Talk about productivity!

    Oh and the main rule is NO TOUCHING OTHER PEOPLE. I am sure there are a lot of security clearances involved but for me all I will be wondering is if I am being set-up/filmed, if the people around me do in fact know each other and will rape/kill me or both or blackmail me, or whether I will end up on some porn movie called ‘Lunch Hour Rubdown’ only to be seen by my mother’s brother’s neighbour’s priest during a group wank session with his mates.

    What can I tell you? It’s the writer brain.

  • Hah!@ Kofi, that’s how you Ghanians use our Naija head. First it was these Naija people can make film o. Today your Ghana people have over-taken us in that regard. Next it was this Naija Super Eagles can play ball o. Today Black Stars are way ahead of the kpepeyes in FIFA ranking. Now it is writing. Guy, I dey watch my back. Thanks for your comment man.

    Miss Naughty, the one wey I give oga daughter, the gbege still dey my head. Only God know which Oga daughter you be, maybe na oga kpata-kpata. Abeg I no come this life to come give oga daughters bele. Thank you Miss.

    Adjeley, I was introduced to sex at a very early age of fourteen by a female senior in my boarding school. She maybe even raped me, but the rape wasn’t that bad. Since then I’ve been lucky with the babes sha. Masturbated once but pussy tastes waaay sweeter, thanks.

    Okay@Nnenna, you were spot on. I know I’m a very careless writer and editors would make a fortune out of me. Thanks for the critique even though you aint making anything of me. I really appreciate every and I already took down your advice. Thanks a bundle amiga.

    Thanks y’all for the love. Look forward to sharing more with y’all.

  • if that is you in the picture, hmmmmmmm…….we need to talk!

  • @Anaximader man, I love this story…also totally erotic…although a part of my brain is like, ‘remember these young men are underage!’. I love that its like a young man’s coming out story…I also feel like there is a bit of a moral in there, parents talk to your kids about sex and give them condoms 🙂 I am hoping you will be a very regular contributor to Adventures….

  • Hahaha,nice one told vividly as much as possible.
    And ooh those ‘area boys’,those ones have been the downfall of many but they are fun!
    Yea I think there’s a moral lesson here: parents sex education is key!never neglect that aspect,@ 14,he didn’t even know about ‘wet dreams’.if u ask me,na who I go ask?the matter wey..

  • Thanks, Nnenna, for the tutorial… although I found the raw energy exciting.. just like an off-the-hook consciousness… reminds me of your story on your site with the young guy and the unhappy wife…..

    Anaximader, yes, you originate, we take it to the next level… 🙂

  • Miss Naughty, if that’s you in the picture, hmmm? No let me hold you o!

    Nana, good thing it’s fiction then. But the kid had fun (while he lasted) and don’t some people say children are a gift from God? The young father was blessed! And Yes, big moral lesson in the story; parents, talk to your children about sex, get them condoms and get them good partners and their lives will never remain same.

    ABENA, yea, those area boys, they always do more harm than good. Although they usually come through in ways you never imagined. I had one such area boy who was always having quarrels with his girl who in turn came to me for comfort and for some other pressing needs which the guy in his blind rage failed to see. Mmmm…! Sweet girl I tell you. Lawd Gawd.

    @Kofi, yea, yea, yea. I understand the next level thing. But don’t for once think we aint watching. We’re coming for you guys. Just…, just give us a sec. We…, we’re coming.

  • @ Nnena Marcia, talk about productivity indeed! Thats one hella a way to spend ones lunchtime.
    But i cant believe a mother would think her son was peeing in bed at age 14! Talk about clueless?!
    @ Anaximandar mehn, good stuff mehn, but we beg, you Naija guys for take am easy oh

  • See Adjeley my mentoress wey I dey look up to dey ask me to take am easy. Na wa o! Na your Ghanian charlies you for dey tell that one. We for Naija dey chop una back!

  • Hahahaha love how vivid this is. Funniest serious issue i have read in a while. I am so giving my babies sex ED from the womb! Great writing.

  • @Ozoho, sex ED from the womb eh? Don’t you trust your unborn kids? By the way, you no dey smoke that weed finish?

  • LMHO! No o, i get farm for back.

  • Smoke remain for me abeg. Two can always play the fucki…, sorry I meant the kissi…, oops, the weeding game, don’t you think?

  • Loved it! Lawd you sabi write. I didn’t understand the language interlaced in there but it was so artistically woven, i read the piece like i knew every word. This on na who cause am? Lol

  • korkor, thanks man. I really appreciatee that

  • This is sweet and funny all at once. But I am one of those who never knew men masturbate in forums. I wonder if women can do the same but sounds way public.
    Also, I was sad he knew nothing about protection.

  • Ms Naughty Naughty, dare me 😉

  • I dare you to give me internet bele. Oya, GO!

  • African Mami, very soon you’ll become like P’Diddy who changed his name from Puff Daddy & is still changing or maybe even Snoop Lion (formerly known as Snoop Dog), lol. Since when did you become Miss Naughty Naughty? (if it’s not you please shoot me now, haha) I still thought you were AM or?

  • @Ekuba,

    Girl, let me live!! 🙂 I’m whoever I choose to be. I’m miss naughty naughty for now, next time, I might be pinupmango.

  • LoL Miss Naughty Naughty oya get at me asap!

  • Where are you?! How old are you?!?!? If you are 50, I can’t handle you.

  • Hahaha I’m in your heart. Are you on WhatsApp?

  • Then I just developed a heart condition, pa! Nope. Is that where bele bidness is goin to take place?

    Nana, you know I heart you. Sorry for misusing your space, but this man just gave me an uncurable disease of the heart.

  • LOOOOOL!!!!! Haha get well soon Ms Naughty Naughty. Ok decide where 😀

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