Guest Contributor Naa Adjeley: Orally fixated…

Don’t even know how I got orally fixated

That’s my current affliction, I’m crazily addicted

Just dying for the dangerous tongue tricks

I’d kill for those clit licks

It was you doing the chasing at first, just to put it  on me

Now I’m the one doing the begging, “baby please give it to me”

Can you hear me moan baby, can you hear my sighs

Even as your head is buried in between my luscious thighs

I know youre enjoying it, I can hear you moan too

As you greedily lap up my overflowing pool

For goodness sake, woman, set me free already

I’m dying to cum, yes I’m ready

Don’t hold back no more

Give it to me like never before

Feel me sway my hips to and fro

As I explode violently, like an erupting volcano

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