Announcing the Recipients of the 2021 Adventurous Writing And Social Media Fellowship

The Adventurous Writing And Social Media Fellowship was created to seek out, support and amplify feminist writers and content creators writing and their own singular vision. The fellowship program aims to support  women and non-binary/gender non-conforming writers and content creators of African descent living on the Continent who align with Adventures’ own vision of creating safer spaces where African women can openly discuss a variety of sex and sexuality issues with the intention of learning from each other, having pleasurable and safer sex and encouraging continuous sex education for adults. 

Recipients of the Adventurous Writing And Social Media Fellowship will receive editorial support from Adventures editors to prepare their work for publishing and a stipend of $2,000 for the duration of their program. For our inaugural edition this year, we’ve selected two outstanding writing fellows and one social media fellow out of over 50 applications from around the continent.

We are proud to introduce you to the 2021 Adventurous Writing and Social Media Fellows:

Social Media Fellow

Tawakalt Oseni

Tawakalt is a Nigerian storyteller and a professional spoken word artist. In her stories, she captures mundane as well extraordinary experiences in a relatable, reflective yet comic approach. She believes in the power of storytelling to unite people of similar experiences, gain a deeper understanding of humanity and influence change.on global issues. Her dream is to leverage on this power to design and honor a world where people are connected in an unprecedented yet profound way. 

“I had a couple of stories I really wanted to tell without being judged so I applied for the fellowship because it felt  like the perfect place to just go on and on about the stories in my head. I’m excited about the social media and writing fellowship. I feel like I can get to explore storytelling from these angles. I’m excited about the possibilities this holds for me.”

Tawakalt oseni

Writing Fellow

Makogosi Letimile

Makgosi is a columnist, a mom and a disabled sex worker focusing on women living with disabilities.

“My work is centered around disabled black women and it comes from the personal experience of having lived through it. I joined the fellowship because I want to give disabled women a voice and face. The thing that disability takes from you is that people stop seeing you. I want to be able to say to other women that it’s okay to be disabled and it’s okay to be a sexual being at the same time. This way we get to take back a lot of what is lost. ” 

Makgosi letimile

Writing Fellow

Ekomobong Ekpenyong is a creative who is enthusiastic about telling stories about women, without distortion and without presenting women as a people conquered. She’s in love with women, bad bitches (betches) who kick ass and go into spaces fiercely without talking too much. She loves to write about these things, stories that reflect them, stories they can relate to.

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