Period and Pleasure

Photo by Billy Hani

By Billy Hani

Periods are some of the most discussed things about women and people assigned female or intersex at birth. There are mixed feelings about it ranging from the painful cramps, the sight of blood, the missing periods and the horniness that comes with it.

In my experience, with my body and some partners, period horniness is worse than the ovulation WAP (thanks Cardi B for this term). Like, mine just got 2 moods: cramping or horny.

Do you get horny while on your period? If you do, do you seek pleasure to satisfy the horniness? What does that pleasure look like to you, i.e. is it self-pleasure or with a partner? Hands-on or hands-off? Penetrative or clitoral stimulation? If penetrative, does it hurt?

If you experience horniness but don’t do anything about it, why and how do you do it?

For me,  I am all for period and pleasure.

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